‘Shalom from the children of Gaza’

‘Shalom from the children of Gaza’
Columnist Mohamed al Hammadi - Jusoor Post

A Jewish man was killed in the Smouha area of Alexandria, Egypt, with the perpetrator yelling: “Shalom (peace) from the children of Gaza!”


In the name of the innocent people of Gaza, a Jewish man was killed who chose to live and make a living in a country he loved.

In the name of the people of Gaza, Hamas launches battles, and with the blood of the people of Gaza it bargains and negotiates.

In the name of the people of Gaza, Israel kills innocent women and children and destroys everything!


This is the situation we have reached after eight months of the Hamas-Israeli war in Gaza, a war led by extremists and paid for by innocent civilians in Gaza and Israel, and now a man was killed in Egypt, just because he was Jewish...and for whose benefit? Who benefits from all of this? Who benefits from the situation getting out of control and violence spreading to countries in the region? Everyone realizes that what is happening in Gaza will not remain in Gaza, and that there are those who are pushing it abroad, not just in the region but far beyond. Violence begets violence, injustice begets anger, and the continuation of violence and injustice drives the situation out of control.


The generous and tolerant people of Egypt are innocent of this crime, and the people of Gaza are innocent of this murder, just as they are innocent of the actions of Hamas. This was clear a few days ago when it was announced that a ceasefire agreement had been reached - which quickly disappeared – and the outburst of joy revealed what is in the hearts of the Gazans. They long for calm, peace, and a normal, dignified life…not more killing and death.


There is not a single reason why the news of this Jewish man’s killing would be happy or cheerful news or even acceptable to any Arab, Muslim, Egyptian or Palestinian. This was a crime, not a terrorist operation. Therefore, it must be condemned and denounced, and the perpetrator must be punished, for the culture of treachery is not from the disposition of the Arabs, and Islam rejects it.


Accepting the idea of killing an innocent and defenseless person living in safety, or remaining silent about it, is an acceptance of terrorism, an acceptance of the logic of the jungle, and a retreat from higher human values. Just as we reject the killing of innocents in Gaza, we must reject the killing of innocents everywhere, regardless of their religion, color, or nationality.


The Israeli government must realize that it is a partner in this crime. Its insistence on continuing to kill innocent civilians and expanding the scope of the war day after day will only serve the extremists and terrorists on both sides. Therefore, it must listen to its friends and respond to the mediators by implementing a ceasefire and putting an end to this war.