Containing Israel...a miserable failure

Containing Israel...a miserable failure
Columnist Mohamed al Hammadi - Jusoor Post

What has been happening in Gaza over the past eight months has taken the world to a new reality that is very different from what it was, especially with regard to international law, international relations and human ethics. As for the region, there is no doubt that Israel's continued targeting of civilians and the destruction of Gaza, making it unlivable, has prompted everyone to rethink about the way to deal with Israel and the quality of any relationship with it.


Dr. Anwar Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to the President of the UAE, confirmed during his session at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai on Wednesday, May 29, that Israel must reconsider its calculations and rethink the way it deals with the Palestinians and its response to the provocations and attacks of Hamas and other organizations. Gargash said that the policy of containment with Israel has “failed miserably.” When these words come from an official in a country that chose peace with Israel and faced criticism from others in the Arab world - some governments and some peoples - then Israel must realize that it has begun to lose its credit in the region and has entered into an extremely difficult position, with the future of its relations with the countries of the region now unknown following October 7, 2023.


At the Arab Media Forum, which brought together thousands of Arab journalists from all Arab countries, the topic of Palestine and the events in Gaza were strongly present in the various sessions. What is happening in Gaza in terms of human rights violations affects all aspects of life, and it was difficult to address them in an important Arab event like the Arab Media Forum. Freedom of the press and freedom of opinion and expression have clearly been violated in Gaza, and truth has become absent, in clear disregard for a basic human right, which is the right to know the truth and have access to information. As for the other violations, such as forced displacement and genocide, they have been clear in all aspects, in addition to the violation of children’s rights and basic human rights, such as access to drinking water, medicine, food, shelter, and security for civilians and innocents.


What has happened is a clear disregard for international law and for all agreements and promises regarding coexistence and peace. As for what is happening in Rafah, it is the height of political insistence and stubbornness that insists on destroying what remains of hope for the Palestinians, which is a refusal to listen to the voice of reason.