Ukraine says evacuated 138 people from Sudan to Egypt

Ukraine says evacuated 138 people from Sudan to Egypt
Soldiers carry a Greek national with leg injuries into an ambulance after his evacuationfrom Sudan with a military C-27 plane / AFP


Ukraine said Tuesday it had evacuated 138 people, including 87 of its own citizens, to Egypt from Sudan, where a ceasefire has come into force after deadly fighting.

A US-brokered 72-hour ceasefire between Sudan's warring generals officially came into effect Tuesday after fighting killed hundreds, wounded thousands and sparked a mass exodus of foreigners.

"A total of 138 citizens were saved... all evacuees are safe in Egypt," the main intelligence directorate of Ukraine's defence ministry said on Telegram.

This included 35 women and 12 children, according to Ukrainian authorities who organised the operation.

Ukraine said its own citizens, mostly people working in the aviation industry and their families, were "provided with visa and document support and expect a quick return to the Motherland."

Citizens from Georgia and Peru were also among the rescued.